Hillsboro News-Herald

News-Herald (Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio) 1886-1973 [LCCN: sn85038161]
Digital Edition: April 7, 1886 – December 31, 1914

The Hillsboro News-Herald was formed after the consolidation of the Highland Weekly News and the Saturday Herald. Colonel George W. Barrere purchased the two papers and merged them in 1886. Barrere was a local dentist, grocer, deputy postmaster, and former soldier, having served in the Civil War. He became a prolific editorial writer for the paper, whose articles were often published in papers throughout Ohio.

Barrere’s son, Granville, took over operations of the paper in 1908. He brought the first type casting printing machine to the newspaper in 1916 and continued his father’s legacy as an editorial writer throughout his career with the paper. In 1939, Granville joined forces with other editors in the area to create the Hillsboro Publishing Company. In creating this organization, the editors were able to purchase and share modern equipment while still voicing whichever political party or cause they may support. The News-Herald was published until 1973 when it changed titles to the Hillsboro Press Gazette.

The News-Herald focused primarily on local and state-wide news. The front page was typically filled with news content, with advertisements, images, and other content scattered throughout the other seven pages. The November 8, 1906 edition, for example, carries the musical score to the song “Last Night” with accompanying English and German lyrics. With its excellent range and quality of content, the Hillsboro News-Herald was long considered one of Ohio’s top ranking weekly newspaper.

Researched and written by Eric W. Schnittke